Terms of Reference - IGEQ

IGEQ Terms of Reference

1. Membership

The International Group for Equestrian Qualifications shall be made up of representatives of National Equestrian Federations (NFs) that wish to take part in the work of the Group. Membership is entirely voluntary and application to join the Group should be made to the Executive Committee.  Membership to be subsequently ratified at the next Annual Conference by those members present.

Normally, each NF may nominate one organisation from its country to represent it, and a maximum of two delegates to attend events on its behalf.  Every effort should be made to ensure one of these delegates remain constant, who understands the aims, objectives and ethos of the IGEQ and attends the annual conference, to ensure continuity. This does not preclude NFs nominating other delegates to attend other events specific to a discipline, as appropriate. Each member NF agrees to accept conference/committee decisions reached by democratic vote, whether or not the individual NF agrees.

Each member NF agrees to pay a membership fee, as determined from time to time, on 1 June annually, which will be invoiced by the IGEQ. NF's who may have difficulty in paying a membership fee should contact the Executive Committee.

2. Functions/Objectives

The IGEQ shall work to:

3. Operating procedures

The IGEQ to be guided by an Executive Committee comprised of 8 members, one to represent each of the following geographical regions, in addition to a Chairman, Treasurer (if appointed), Secretary and Technical Delegate (from Feb.2017).  A Vice-Chairman will be nominated from members of the Executive Committee.  

Regional representatives nominated by the member countries of each region serve a term of 4 years on a rotating basis. The composition of the Executive Committee will be confirmed at the IGEQ annual conference.

4. Officers of the IGEQ

The Chairman shall be recommended by the Executive Committee and confirmed by IGEQ.  He/she shall serve for a term of 4 years. When the current term of office expires, nominations may be made to the Executive Committee. If more than one nomination is received a ballot will be held. The appointment of Chairman for the next 4 years will then be confirmed by the IGEQ annual conference.

The Executive Committee shall appoint a Vice Chairman and Secretary, for a period of 4 years and a Treasurer if agreed necessary.

Ownership of all documentation and records shall remain vested in the Group. As agreed in 1992 at the outset, the working language of the Group will be English.

5. Arbitration Procedure

In the event of a member federation wishing to resolve a problem, the following procedure shall apply:

6. Conferences

The international conferences shall be organised as often as agreed necessary, by invitation from a member NF as host. The programme shall be agreed by the Executive Committee, in collaboration with the host NF.

7. IGEQ Passport

8. Finance

Any surplus in the account may be used for funding Observer visits, examiner training or other agreed seminars, after meeting the following costs, in order of priority: 

Each NF is responsible for the expenses of its own delegates to attend IGEQ conferences, Executive meetings and seminars except in the case of travel assistance referred to in (iii) above.